One marries Samurai of iPhone for a thousand dollar

If the Japanese soldiers of passed centuries, more known as Samurais, had one nowadays iPhone, have who saythat they would be thus, with beautiful typically Japanese grafias. The problem is that today Japan is not more feudal, and yes well capitalist. Therefore the price of this marries could scare until Musashi.

The Japanese company Softbank wanted to reviver the honroso and loyal spirit of the Samurais in iPhones. Therefore you marry, them are of highest quality and the drawings really call the attention. To become the still more historical process, each marries is made manually by artists specialized in feudal Japanese drawings. To complete, a small book explaining the history of the drawing and a great black box to keep create it an artistic and beautiful air still more.

But it comes the hour of the truth there: how much cost everything this? In the feudal times, a drawing thus would possibly cost only one aid to load buckets or spoon fruits. Nowadays, the things are different. E, therefore, each marries of the Softbank leaves for the equivalent the 1 000 dollar. We believe that, in case that Musashi and its friends lived today and they did not obtain to buy one marries of these, a wave of harakiris would occur in Japan.