It seems that some products of Microsoftwere not waiting the arrival of the new decade. In the turn of 2009 for 2010, some smartphones that they twirl Windows Mobile had suffered bug Y2K+10 (or Y2.01K).

What this affects? Nothing very serious - but the text messages seem to have come of 6 years in the future, or 1/1/16. The stories are of owners of devices that twirl versions 6,1 and 6,5 of the operational system, mainly in the United States between users of AT&T. Here in Brazil, the stories had been few, but if you to perceive any problem in its device, try to lower this fix.

The Lenovo Group, fourth bigger manufacturer of personalcomputers of the world, disclosed a reformularization in design of its classic line of ThinkPad, and it will for the first time offer laptops with Chips of Advanced Micro Devices.

The announcement was made before the opening of Consumer Electronics Show, annual fair that happens this week in Wools Vegas and the new series of average small ThinkPad will be come back the e companies.

Launched in 1992 for IBM and recognized as one of the precursors in design of laptops, the ThinkPad registered 30 million vendidas units more than. In 2005, the American group vendeu its division of computers for the Lenovo.

The company also is launching a basic model for commercial customers and will offer keyboard of normal size. The X100e, with weight of less than 1,3 kg, will have initial price of US$ 449.

The NetApplications company, specialized in measurements online, announced que the Chrome jumped of 3,9% for 4,6% in the taste of the users between November and December of 2009. The Safari, that had 4.4% in November, went up for 4,5% - but it enough not to lose the position in ranking for the rival of the Google.

One of the explanations for this change is in the fact of the Google to have launched, in the passed month, the version Beta of the Chrome for Mac X and Linux. The Google arrived to announce that the final version would be launched in day 12 of January, but came back behind. Something crucial for the success of any browser nowadays is speculated on that the adjournment has to see with the fact of the version Beta Mac not yet to support extensions.

Still in accordance with the NetApplications, Internet Explorer continues descends slope, falling of 63,6% for 62,7% in the preference of the users. The curious one in this last research was to perceive that the Mozilla Firefox, that came in ascending curve has some months, lost space: it fell of 24,7% for 24,6% in participation of November for December.

It finishes to aterrisar in Brazil musical rephaser iMic, of the Griffin, that digitaliza musics of K7 ribbons and vinyl records.

The device has dimensions of 1,27 for 5,08 centimeters and handle of 45 cm Moreover, has two entrances stereo. To connect itself to the computer, it uses the USB.

Who has a Mac, gains of favour Final the Vinyl program to convert musics into analogical format for digital. The iMic are compatible with End Cut Pro and GarageBand.

The negative point is the price, 399 Reals. Detail, in the site of the manufacturer, it is being vendido for 30 dollars.


Already it is turning party. The HP also is saying to the four winds that its new youngling equipped, the HP Mini 210, with jovenzinho processing Intel Atom N450, the Pine Trail.

The new processor, in accordance with Intel, consumes 20% little energy of what the previous generations and uses technology of 45 nanometers.

Intel Atom 450, the Pine Trail, consumes 20% little energy

Intel Atom 450, the Pine Trail, consumes 20% little energy

Mini 210 comes with memory RAM of 1 GB (less than of the Fujitsu of post below) and hard disk of 160 GB or 250 GB. It comes with daily pay-loaded Wndows 7 and options of batteries of 3 or 6 cells, beyond webcam, microphone and Wi-Fi.

The initial price of netbook with screen of 10 counts is of about 320 dollars.

Extreme coloring, the cellular Corby, of Samsung, was born with pretensions to fall in the taste of galerinha of 15 the 20 years. But I, that already I passed a bit of this age, also found it sufficiently interesting.

E, yes, I admit: my encantamento basically must to design gracious of the cellular one and to the fact of that it comes with four different colors of cover (black, white, orange and pink) that they can easily be changed. Nothing more tempting of what to combine cellular with the stock market or the clothes. Ok, pardon for the moment mulherzinha.


Let us come back, then, to the part serious (and extreme important) of gadget. The Corby measures 10,3 for 5,6 for 1,2 centimeters, possesss sensible screen to the capacitive touch of 2,8 counts, camera of 2 MP with system of recognition of smiles and panoramic images.

It possesss applicatory for social nets as Facebook, but he does not have Wi-Fi or 3G. The connection is saw EDGE same. It comes with Bluetooth, MP3 Player and dictionary Collins of loaded English-Portuguese.


The Corby already is available in the store for the price of 599 Reals.

Users of Windows 7, are on, therefore Microsoft confirmou in the last friday, an imperfection that leaves the vulnerable operational system. According to company, the problem can be corrected case temporarily the users blocks doors 139 and 445 in firewall.

The vulnerability is caused by an imperfection in the Server Message Block - SMB -, what it allows the attack of crackers, in accordance with bulletin of security sent for the company. The imperfection in the platform makes with that the computer presents problems and has that to be off manually.

Microsoft not yet decided will divulge the update in the Patch Tuesday of next day 08/12 or an individual correction for the problem will be presented.

While the invasion of Androids in smartphones continues, there it are one boom of tablets with operational systemof the Google starts to be next. E the Innovative Converged Devices, the ICD, does not want to lose time.

The appositive one of the mark is so great that three models are prepared. But the difference is alone in the size, varying between 7, 11 and 15 counts. Baptisms of Sleek Vega, them already will come with version 2.0 of the Android, more known as Eclair.

But something bacana also calls the attention in the Sleek Vega: the focus was not purely in software. For the specifications, of the one to empolgar itself with the possibilities. Its processor is a NVIDIA Tegra, it can have up to 32 GB it saw microSD and it counts on 512 MB of internal memory. In the part of the connections, Wi-Fi in the standard b/g, Bluetooth 2,1, USB a 2,0 and 3G make the party.

For it are, using the version of 15 counts of base, the measures of tablet are of 37,3 for 25,4 for 1,6 centimeters. The screen has resolution of 1366 for 768 pixels sensible one to the touch. The only claim is that it is resistiva.

The good one is that the newness will have to be shown soon. The ICD promises that the Sleek Vega will be the principal actor I its estande of CES 2010.

Following the trend, what more than recurrent, of sustainable batteries, the Toshiba will launch in the Japanese market, the Dynario battery that uses methanol to generate energy.

Hybrid, the device of 15 for 2,1 for 7,4 centimeters loads a lithium battery and also can be loaded in the taking. But, with the option to use the combustible innovator of gadgets, appositive that nobody goes to want to come back to this retrógodo skill to recharge equipment.

In accordance with the manufacturer, the tank of the Dynario takes 20 seconds completely to be filled with 14 milliliters of methanol. In sets of five units of 50 milliliters of fuel, the recharges cost the equivalent the 34 dollar.

The Dynario, in turn, will arrive at the Japanese market with labels of 29. 800 yens, or about 328 dollars. For the time being, it does not have a forecast so that this recarregador arrives at the Ocidente.

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More steady and with bugs corrected, the version Release Candidate of Ubuntu 9,10 was disponibilizada today for all those that already are using the Beta or the ones that do not obtain more to wait the 6 days that lack official version to it to be launched.

Version RC does not have much difference with regard to what it was seen in the Beta, but the desenvolvedores had made right some edges. Download is gratuitous, obviously. To lower the version, it is alone to clicar HERE.

IBM launched a new service of computation in cloud, that has the objective to compete with companies as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce.

The “Smart Analytics Cloud” of IBM is the biggest service of computation in cloud of the company and will be the first one adopted internally. The technology in cloud allows that the companies store information in great centers of data that can be had access by the Internet of any place. This means that the users will have more space in its machines and will diminish the electricity use.

According to Gartner Research, world-wide leader company in the consultoria segment and solutions for YOU, the segment must generate US$ 3,4 billion in sales in this year. The computation in cloud started to gain force has about three years, since that the Amazon started to offer the service.

Dell detailed its new very small computer. Diminishing to eachgeneration, the Inspiron Zino HD has a face of Mac Mini, however happyer and colored. E with good configuration.

Leaving of side small the configurations suffered from the PCs, Zino HD will be able to have processor Athlon X2 or a Neo X2, both working in two nuclei. E of the one to inside place up to 1 Terabyte of the petty cash and up to 8 GB of memory RAM in standard DDR2. To show of time that is not for trick, the Zino can have a dedicated plate of video ATI Radeon HD 4330 of 512 MB.

In the part of the connections, 4 entrances USB and an exit HDMI. Dell still did not supply to all the information necessary to empolgar of time, since nobody knows as it is the initial configuration, that will cost 250 dollars. For the time being, what we know is that Zino HD, beyond being the face of the Mac Mini, can be one desktop portable well powerful.

Update: in the American site of Dell already it is possible to configure Zino HD. In contrast of the waited one, its basic configuration will cost 230 dollars and comes with one processadro Athlon of 1,6 GHz, 2 GB of memory RAM and 250 GB of internal space.

For comparison effect, a Mac Mini with the 2 Cores Duo of 2,26 GHz, 2 GB of memory RAM and HD of 160 GB is vendido in U.S.A. for 599 dollars. Already the maximum version of the Zino cited in the text will leave for 733 dollars. E of the one to place one drive of Blu-ray for 100 dollars.

The BigShot project, made for the staff of the University of Columbia, wants to teach also adult children and to mount its propercameras. For this, nothing better of what a dismountable one, not?

The idea is at least interesting. With the proposal of being a “camera for the education”, the BigShot comes all dismounted one. It does not count on all the components gifts in a great camera, but one is necessary any to understand as a digital machine functions.

E beyond the sea of colors to conquer the small ones, the machine can be mounted and disassembled how many times will be necessary, with simple rabbets. It not yet is for sale, but already she is in final phase of tests. Its curious cousin is a good Christmas present for that one who adores to disassemble the things. The site is possible to have more information having access.

The Asus wants to enchant of new with design of its children notebooks. Beyond making pretty for it are, the UL80Vt also wants to conquer withthe characteristics that lead inside of the carcass.

Then, pra to start, it comes with Intel processor the 2 Cores Duo SU7300, of 1.3GHz, screen of 14 counts, memory RAM of 4 GB and 320 GB of hard disk.

To all they are three doors USB, interface VGA and HDMI. Pra to complete, it comes with Windows 7. The camera makes a little ugly - only 0,3 MP. But, it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

For the skill, the Lenovo also goes to enter in the wave of gadgets that they do not obtain to decide if they are netbooks or smartphones, smartbooks.

The site recently divulged some photos and information on smartbook of the Lenovo. According to site, the device will have one chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon, of 1Ghz, and will twirl the operational system Android.

Still in accordance with the site, smartbook will have battery of eight hours, beyond 3G and Wi-Fi. It must arrive at the beginning at the market of the United States of the year that comes.

Study of the North American agency Mock-up MAC indicates that the TVs 3D will have a jump of popularity in the next years. According toresearch, in a period of four years, about 46 million models of the devices will be in the domiciles. The information are of the site Techradar.

According to Alfred Poor, employee of Mock-up MAC, the sales in 2010 still will be modest, but they must grow in a short period of time. “We wait that many choose 3D for favourite its shows and films”, it comments.

In the year that come, companies with Sony and Panasonic already they had announced that they must launch in the market the first televisions with the new technology.

Thinking about that citizen whom it will need much space in the year that comes, Samsung prepares the launching of respectful a external HD withnaked mere: two Terabyte of internal space. E it has an interesting detail…

With finishing in brushed steel dark, brinquedinho of great people weighs 950 grams and good has measured to be in the table, with 12 for 4,1 for 19,3 centimeters (L x x P). Perhaps the great one drawn of the newness is the interface eSATA that the device earned. Thus, of the one to transfer, in thesis, up to 3 GB for second.

Making mystery, Samsung did not want to announce its price, but already it informed that it will arrive at the Brazilian market in January of 2010.