The Buffalo company finishes to give one pedala in the Freecom, that in the September end announced the first hard disk with USB 3,0, when launching the HD-HU3 that still arrives at the Japanese market this month.

The device has tax of transference of 123.4 MB/s. It arrives in versions of 1 TB, 1,5 TB and 2 TB.

The prices vary of 225 dollars and 523 dollars. It has more than one week little, the Freecom announced the launching in November of its XS 3,0 in the Europe for prices from 175 dollars.

Tuites will be able to appear in the Google and the Bing

The tuites can, soon, appear in the results of searches of the Google and the Bing. The Twitter is negotiating with the two buscadores to be ableto include the messages of microblog in the research.

The format of searches created by the Twitter makes possible that the user obtains to be informed on the main subjects that are rolling for the Internet at that moment.

In the agreement, microblog would receive the prescription generated for the announcements advertising executives.

After the “Blackberry more expensive of the world”, it is the time of the devices ofApple also to surpass in the personalization of the devices.

iPhone is the sales in eBay one 3G with 1240 small diamonds incrusted in its surface.

After the launching of the version 3GS it seems that the salesmen of the old model had wanted to give one improved in the device to stimulate to the sales. However, the newness also is visible in the price, gadget with diamonds is being vendido for US$6.000, 00.

The Orkut liberated for all the members of the social net the applicatory one Promotes, that it allows the user to place for sale, gratuitously, any product that it to desire. The resource still of the space for internauta to insert text, photos and videos of the YouTube.

The icon of the applicatory one can be seen in the menu to the left of the profile, then below of “events”. The announcements are shown in it sing superior right of the initial page of the net, but still they dispute space with other advertisings.

The users still can “promote” any photo or video, exactly that without interest in commercializing them.

The EA Mobile, division of the Eletronic desenvolvedora Arts of games forportable, announced in this thursday, 08, that it will launch a version of the Band Rock for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Until the moment, the company did not divulge information on the game, but the promise is of that still today more details are announced, as published the vestibule of games IGN.

The details must be given by the company of games during conference CTIA, that happens this week in San Diego.