Using to advantage that the subject of the day is Windows 7, Microsoft gratuitously disponibilizou a series of done subjects to size for the new version of the operational system. In the PersonalizationGallery, that is inside of the official site of the company, the user can choose between sets of ten of options. They are, basically, two collections. One of them is inspired in famous marks, as Ferrari, Zune, Bing or Coca Glue. To another one it is inhaled in countries and until Brazil it was homaged with a special subject.

Not yet it has Windows 7 installed in its machine? Then it uses to advantage the destined borders wallpapers and gadgets, that they present downloads that they function in any version of the operational system. It uses to advantage the tip and it gives that one developed in its Windows!

It wants to know Windows 7 better? Then click in links below and attends reviews that already we made of the new operational system. It sees it waits what you!

Samsung disclosed, today, its portfólio of cellular for 2010. Between them, he is smartphone Galaxy Lite, with Android, that must estrear first in Brazil.

With pretensions of definitively if firming in the national market of smartphones, the company diversified the options of operational systems in its four new models: Galaxy Lite, Galaxy, Omnia II and Omnia Pro.


Prominence for the Galaxy Lite. Beyond arriving first in the Brazilian market, it is, for the time being, smartphone with Android more cheap of the country. The suggested price is of 999 Reals. The device of 11,5 for 5,7 for 1,9 centimeters possesss sensible screen to the touch of 3,2 counts, camera of 3 MP and 800 processor of Mhz. In the question conectividade, the Lite comes with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G.


Another one belezinha that it comes for there is the Omnia Pro, with operational system Windows Mobile 6.1. With display TFT of 2,4 counts and keyboard QWERTY, it remembers a little design of Blackberry. It possesss camera of 3,2 MP, MP3 to player, Radio FM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G. The price suggested for Samsung is of 799 Reals.

Samsung Omnia II and Galaxy twirls Windows Mobile to 6,5 and Android, respectively

Samsung Omnia II and Galaxy twirls Windows Mobile to 6,5 and Android, respectively

Beyond them, Samsung also showed the Galaxy, that already passed this way have some days, and Omnia II, one of the three first Brazilian Windows Phones, that will cost 1 599 Reals.

So waited Windows 7 already it is officially in the shelves of more than 4 a thousand store in all Brazil. The newoperational system was launched world-wide in this thursday.

The expectation is great in such a way for storekeepers how much for the consumers, it has seen that some store had soon opened the doors in the first hour of the day.

In Brazil, different types of packages are vendidos quatros: the version Home beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code can be found by R$ 330. The Premium is vendido by R$ 400, whereas the Professional package costs about R$ 630. Already the Ultimate is offered by R$ 670.

Digital Olhar tested version RC of Windows 7. Click to see diverse functionalities HERE that the user will find in the final version.

You did not read the wrong heading. He is this same. First smartphone of Dell will aterrisará in brazilian lands until the Christmas. China also will estreará the debut of Dell in the market of the mobile telephony.

Together with China Mobile, Clearly will be the first operator to offer to the Mini 3i, that according to representative of Dell in Brazil, must arrive at the Brazilian store until the Christmas. The device with sensible screen to the touch of 3,5 counts, comes equipped with operational system Android. The version that will be vendida in Brazil, for the time being, will be only with technology 3G.

Mini 3i, of Dell, was homologated by the Anatel in 30 of October

Now you go to be able even though to record images in high definition under of agua. The Sanyo finishes to launch the VPC-WH1, cameracapable to record videos with resolution of 720p (1280x720p) to a speed of 30 pictures for second in a depth of up to three meters. The device also takes off photos of 2 MP (1600x1200).

The camera records videos in format MPEG4 and AVC/H.264. The configurations include zoom optic of 30x, flash with reach of 4m, 2.5 screen of” and resource of face detector. The VPC-WH1 still possesss sensory CMOS, that have as main characteristics the low consumption of energy and its possibility to minimize the incidence of noises.

With its exits in HDMI, the camera it obtains to directly show videos in HD for the television. The VPC-WH1 also has USB 2,0 to carry through transference of archives. According to manufacturer, its hard battery up to three hours.

The price of the camera in Brazil is esteem in R$2.999, 00.

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Samsung will launch in the end of the year here in cellular Brazil an ecologically correct one and with configurations that do not leaveto desire until the most demanding ones. The device calls Blue Earth, and will be vendido by approximately R$ 950.

Gadget all is made of recycled bottles pet. Account with a solar panel that, after 1 hour displayed to the solar rays, allows to the user 16 minutes conversational, and still keeps cellular on in the way stand-by for up to two hours.

The resources of the device sufficiently also please: the screen of 3 counts is sensible to the touch, and the camera of 3 MP. Cellular disponibiliza Wi-Fi connections, 3G, Bluetooth and GPS.

Curiosity of the Blue Earth: it has a applicatory one in the device that, while you walk the foot for the streets, it enters its steps and calculates the amount of Co2 that left of being emitted by the fact of the car to have been in the garage.

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The Asus already is with all engatilhado to launch its to e-Reader at the beginning of 2010. E the newness would have something well different: WiMAXconnection.

According to mark, will be two options. One of 6 counts and another one of 9 counts, both with sensible screen to the touch and format with two screens, as a same book. But the great one launches of the newness will have to be in the part of the connections. Beyond the Wi-Fi, e-Readers will have WiMAX connection, that not yet it caught of time, but is well quicker than the current standards.

Of the one to perceive that nobody wants to lose a slice of the cake in the market of e-Readers, that it only tends to grow in the next years. E the Asus intends to catch its piece with cherry and everything from March of 2010.

Repeating what it happened in the international market, Samsung arrives in Brazil before Sony Ericsson with a cellular one with resolution of 12 MP, Pixon 12. The forecast is that Samsung Pixon 12 emboneque the brazilian shelves already in November. The Satio, of Sony Ericsson, only arrives in December - as we count yesterday this way.

The camera-phone of Samsung has sensible screen of AMOLED to the touch of 3,1 counts, xenon flash and angular great lens of 28 millimeters. In accordance with the manufacturer, it is capable to record with quality of DVD in a resolution of the 720 for 480 pixels 30 frames for second.

Prominence for the controls of focus for touch. It is enough automatically to touch any point in the screen and it foca. Pixon 12 possesss, still, a processor of 800 MHz, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and integrated receiver of GPS.


It will be vendido by 1 899 Reals.

The idea to place GPS to work as guard of children and people with some mental deficiency is not new. Butthe EmFinders company uses net GSM to fulfill this paper.

With face of clock, but with the black viewfinder, the EmSeeQ, as the product is called, is equipped with technology GSM and, thus, it can exactly show the coordinates inside of building or estacionamentos - limitantes factors for technology GPS.

In the United States, it she is integrated to the emergency services, what she can become the localization and aid of the disappeared people still more agile. The EmSeeQ costs 225 dollars and the monthly service, 25 dollars.

In accordance with the manufacturer, the cost of the searches for disappeared people arrives until the 10 a thousand dollar. Fact that becomes the income-producing service for the pockets and hearts of the families and governments. Or who knows, an excellent alibi for jalousie boyfriends.