The Belkin manufacturer announced that she will make recall of itsproducts of the TuneBase line, directed for iPhone and iPod. The company informs that she detected the fire possibility in the accessory.

Not yet he was registered no incident with the customers until the moment, however, the company recommends that the users suspend the use of the products immediately.

The list of products to be collected possesss accessory for use in automobiles as the TuneBase Direct with Hands-Free, TuneBaseFM with Hands-Free and TuneBaseFM. The products are used not alone as base of connection for iPhone and iPod, as well as to recharge the devices.

The country represents the biggest market of cellular telephony of the world, what it generated expectation of the investors of Apple.

The device already is available in approximately 2 a thousand store in the country. The suggested prices more are raised of what in other regions. The version simplest, for example, iPhone 3G of 8GB, will cost 5 a thousand yuan Chinese (about R$1.270).

One of the main differentials of the entrance of iPhone in the country is represented by the absence of connection for Wi-Fi in the equipment. At the beginning of the year, when they had initiated the negotiations between Apple and the operator China Unicom, it invigorated law in the country that determined the withdrawal of the Wi-Fi of all the cellular ones vendidos in the country. The measure was taken the government after Chinese to announce the intention to develop a proper connection of Internet for cellular, the WAPI.

To follow the delivery stated periods, Apple started to produce the devices without the technology. In May, the rules had been modified, allowing that both the connections were used in the cellular ones. However, not to lose the produced equipment, Apple decided to vender the devices without Wi-Fi. Before offering more complete models, the company waits to direct the produced sales of smartphones already.

How the world will be in 2020? The company of Ericsson telecommunications decided to give one of prophet and created some products conceptthat will be able to arrive at the shelves in one decade. The Spider Computer (photo above) is one of them.

The device will incarnate the apex of mobility in the market of gadgets. The archetype, for the time being, packs a projector, reader of memory cards and a projected keyboard in its table by means of laser. What it seems, the system will be equipped with technology of recognition of gestures.

The company still is studying an intelligent way to integrate a lasting battery in the Spider and systems of conectividade, obviously.


There sincerely, he is estranhíssimo to think about changing to mine desktop or notebook for a business of these. But, ahead of all evolution of the technology in last the ten years, I find that this change will be very probable in the next decade. E, until, there appositive that people go to get used with the idea to load something so intelligent in the stock market.

Archetype presented in the Taiwan Broadband show

Much was said on the cases of rejection of applicatory of the Google Voice in iPhone App Store, but after a good time without touching inthe subject, the Riverturn announced the project “Black Swan”, that it intends to take the VoiceCentral iPhones through one web app for Mobile Safari.
The service what everything indicates already is in phase private beta e, in contrast to a applicatory native, does not require approval of Apple.

It will allow the accomplishment of calls, sending of messages (SMS), access the voice messages, among others things. Two limitations well boats of web apps, however, are that they cannot use the conventional falante of iPhone - to only emit audio for the loudspeaker or saw earphones. Moreover, the native list of contacts of the device cannot be had access, therefore that the VoiceCentral would use of the Google.

The Riverturn not yet announced a specific date for the launching.

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After some rumors launched in the market, Nintendo confirmed in this thursday, the version DSi XL of the portable one manufactured by the company.

Gadget gains a bigger screen of what the old model, measuring now 4,2 counts, against the 3,2 counts of before. The weight of the device, that before was of 214 grams, passes to 314 grams.

The XL will have battery with more efficient autonomy. With the screen programmed for minimum brightness, the load will last between 13 and 17 hours. The penxs of the portable one will be bigger and a little more robust.

From the November end, the DSi will be vendido by approximately R$ 400 in the Japanese market. The Europe will receive gadget only in the first trimester from the year that comes.

For who transit badly suffers from that one to see the battery of iPod to die in the way it, the Scoche to pro save wants you with the PowerFuze.

The device is simple and direct: it is alone to connect brinquedinho in the cigarette lighter and to connect any device that if carregue saw USB. There it is alone to see the battery of its car to work and to tan its ressucitado device. Not to be so simple thus, the PowerFuze Pro still has plus an entrance USB and an adapter for taking, that is, of the one to recharge its gadgets in practically any place.

The PowerFuze Pro already is for sale in U.S.A. for 35 dollars, without handle USB. That is, at least cabinho white of its iPod you still will go to use.

First professional filmadora AVCHD of Sony, the NXCAM, must arrive at the national market only after the Christmas. Butif you are to the search of one of the type that serious in 1080p, either perhaps legal to wait the year that comes to be able to compare it with already the available ones in the market.

In accordance with the manufacturer, it is capable to record the 24 Mbps with resolution of 1920 per 1080 pixels. Moreover, it has lenses G of 29,5 millimeters, zoom optic of 20 times and can come armed with 128 GB of memory flash.

System of georreferenciamento, technology of stabilization of image and LCD of 3,2 counts complete the package.

The camera will be available in the national market in January of 2010.

The processors Intel Atom N450 are gifts in new pair dinâmica of netbooks of the Asus, the EeePC 1005P and 1005PE.

What it seems, the two netbooks, that officially they had been not yet presented by the company, had gained similar lines to the ones of the Seashell family. They have screen with LED of 10 counts and resolution of 1 024 for 600 pixels. The memory RAM is of 1 GB and them they come with daily pay-loaded Windows 7. The graphical plate is an Intel GMA 3150.

The model FOOT loads 250 GB of hard disk and a battery of 6 cells that, according to good languages, obtains to survive 12,5 hours far from the taking.

For the time being, no whisper on price and new availability of the EeePC of the Asus.

If you were waiting versions 3,6 and 4,0 of the Firefox to leaveinda this year, then she can stop to have hopes. The Mozilla Foundation announced that the launching of update 3,6 will leave only in as the trimester of 2010.

The wait will be still bigger for model 4,0, that it will be available to the 2011 users only at the beginning, being that the version of tests will have to appear in July of the next year.

The improvements must privilege the stability of the application, beyond adjustments in the performance and more slightness - reduction of approximately 25% in the time of inicialização in the Windows platform.

While the new features do not arrive for definitive, you it can lower the version of tests of Firefox 3.6. It is enough to clicar HERE.

You who have iPhone not yet accustomed with the keyboard lack? He is with physical and practical homesickness of something? The BTstack Keyboard knows, a applicatory one created for the specialist in computation Matthias Ringwald, of the Federal Institute of Technology of Switzerland.

The user will be able to practically use any Bluetooth keyboard to type texts in the device of Apple with this software. The application was based on the project BTstack, a code for Bluetooth made for pocket computers.

The program is available in the store applicatory not-officer of Cydia, that can be had access from iPhone.

So waited netbook of the Google with Chrome already it would have definite configurations and launching set appointments for end dand 2010, according to IBTimes.

In accordance with the site, micrinho will count on platform NVIDIA Tegra - that is, he will be something seemed with smartbook shown by the Chips manufacturer. The processor will come folloied for storage of 64 GB in SSD and memory of 2 GB.

Another information that left blogueiros of the world all livened up was of that the model will have screen has multitouched of 10,1 counts, with resolution of 1.280 for 720 pixels. In the conectividade, the package goes to be complete: USB, Wi-Fi, 3G integrated, Bluetooth and until optional GPS.

Still according to IBTimes, the machine already would have until esteem price: about 300 dollars, with subsidy of some American mobile operator, not yet defined, in a plan 3G. It is speculated on that netbook would be vendido directly by the site of the Google.

For the amount of details, obviously the notice deserves a distrustful look. Exactly because to define configurations and prices of machines one year before the launching is not a peculiar characteristic of the computer science market and electronic.

If 2010 promise to be the year of the equipment in third dimension, the Asus finish to give a ball inside launching first notebook compatible with the technology 3D of the NVIDIA. The model is powerful the G51J, with screen of 15,6 counts illuminated by LED.

The great newness of the machine is the display with tax of update of 120 Hz, capable to provide the depth experience. As our eye enxerga about 60 Hz, half of the images goes for the right side, while to another one it goes for the left.

The configuration of the micron folloies the gas of the games most recent. Its processor is Core i7 720QM, of 1,6 GHz, the memory of 4 GB follows 1.066 standard DDR3 of MHz and the hard disk is of 320 GB. The video plate is a GeForce GTX 260M. The joint wheel Windows 7 Ultimate.


Another prominence of laptop is the powerful sound. It possesss technology EAX 4,0 Advanced HD 3D, that he simulates audio in third dimension. In the practical one, 64 effect improve the sound of 300 compatible games. It is clearly that the loudspeaker Altec Lansing helps very, because of the serious forts.

Pretty, but not very fancy, notebook has dark blue finishing in with grafismos and the shield of the series “Republic of Gamers”. In the part of inside, the prominence goes for the comfortable and illuminated keyboard, with separate buttons. The part of the support to the pulses total is rubberized.

The model also orders well in the connections: it has four doors USB, a HDMI, one eSATA and one mini FireWire. In the configuration that we are evaluating, Asus G51J costs 6,999 Reals and comes with the eyeglasses 3D Vision. To understand which it is of this system of the NVIDIA, sees review complete of the accessory.


Designer Yves Behar, of the project One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), presents the XO-3, tablet full touchscreen that it must arrive at the mercado in 2012 for the price of 75 dollars. It doubts?

Much people also. But, the group guarantees that the device with sensible screen to the touch of 8,5 for 11 counts with half of the thickness of iPhone has potential to arrive at the classrooms of emergent countries in the next years.

So far, however, the one promises laptop of up to 100 dollars had not been materialize. The model, already available in the site of the organization for donation, cost 199 dollars.

Since they had set appointments as many important events for 2012, cost nothing not to wait for plus this, not?