F2F Interview : Senior Web Engineer :Boston, MA : USC|GC|GC-EAD ONLY :Must have Websphere,Linux,java,Tomcat,Jboss,apache

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Senior Web Engineer

Location: Boston, MA 

Duration: Must be a US citizen or GC

Interview: Phone then F2F (no Skype or WebEx)

Must have:


WAS and Linux platforms

Any Java exp. ( not development but deployment exp.) with Tomcat, Jboss, Apache


Senior Web Engineer

MFS has a contract opening for a Senior Web Engineer. They will be reporting to the GIT EPMO Team and they will be working in the Web Services department.


Job Summary:

The Senior Web Engineer is a senior technical resource in the Web support group and is responsible for the implementation and effective and efficient maintenance of technologies related to operational architecture. In addition, this individual has advanced knowledge of Information Technology at large, with an understanding of related disciplines and how they interoperate. The Senior Web Engineer is responsible for leading implementation and troubleshooting efforts and aiding in design efforts for technologies that include IBM WebSphere Application Server and Portal Server, Apache, IIS, SharePoint, and IBM MQ on UNIX and Windows.

Principal Responsibilities:

·         Serves as senior subject matter expert in the field of Web technologies, maintaining a strong understanding of the field and its related technologies. Stays abreast of current web infrastructure technologies using web application servers and the operating systems they run on.

·         Provides technical support to ensure the ongoing efficient and reliable operations of the web environment related MFS information systems.

·         Proactively develops and maintains strong knowledge of MFS information systems and their related components, and makes recommendations to improve the reliability, scalability, performance, or security of these systems as appropriate. This includes proactive performance tuning and capacity analysis to ensure MFS is maximizing its technology investment.

·          Leverages technology to automate manual tasks, and seeks to improve efficiency wherever practicable and appropriate. Makes recommendations for process improvements.

·         Receives broad goals and overall objectives from Management and assists in establishing and implementing the methods to attain them.

·         Accountable for meeting assigned project objectives including timelines and budgeting. Works on the most complex projects and provides innovative suggestions for solutions.

·         Serves as technical mentor to other members of the team.

·         Designs/implements/administers Web technologies using web application servers (IBM Websphere and Portal, Apache, IIS, ColdFusion).

·         Designs strategies for code deployment in a heterogeneous clustered web service environment.

·         Collaborates with other IT and business groups, readily sharing information with others.



·         Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in a related technical field. IBM Certification preferred.

·         Seven or more years of related Information Technology experience.

·         Minimum of 2 years of experience in Middleware/Operational engineering; specifically, on the IBM Middleware Platform.

·         Solid understanding of Systems Development Life Cycle models.

·         Strong analytical, problem solving, writing and organizational skills; ability to work effectively under pressure.

·         Demonstrated ability to interact, communicate, build relationships, and negotiate well with members of team and senior management.

·         Makes effective presentations.



Nikhil Prasad



Apetan Consulting LLC

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